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Printing Instructions & Tips

On this page you can find detailed instructions & tips for better printing results.

Everything I write about here I tried at home on my hp printer.
Of course there are small differences between printers' options but most of the options
I use here are related to Adobe Acrobat Reader options so there shouldn't be any problems. 

You can understand that the printing results are up to your printer's abilities.
But I can assure you my printer is a simple inkjet home printer and the results I get are wonderful.

If you tried to print one of my cards according to my instructions and you didn't get good results or you have a question please let me know and I will do my best to help you out.

Here is what you can find on this page:

Please note:
You can print your cards either at home or other print house for
personal use only, but not for resale, license or other distribution.
All Rights Reserved to Nili Binyaminy .
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Standard Printing Instructions

Download Instructions:

  1. Right click the download link or the card image
  2. Choose "Save Target As" Or "Save Link As"
    and save the pdf file on your computer:

Printing Instructions

  1. Open If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader please click here for fast and free download
  2. Use A4 paper on your printer
  3. Select from the menu: File > Print
  4. Make sure you select Page Scaling > "Fit to Printable Area" and
    Check the "Auto-Rotate and center"
  5. Click the Print  button
  6. Cut the paper in half and fold the card (use the gray line as a guide)

Better Quality Results Tips

Use a thicker paper on your printer.
I find that a 120gr paper can make a lot of difference on your card looks & quality.  Of course if you use a thicker paper you'll get even better results.

If you'll decide to use a thicker paper you need to change some of the preset printing options:

  1. Open the card's pdf file with Adobe Acrobat Reader
  2. Go to File > Print...
  3. Click the Copies & Pages (img1) pop-up menu and select Paper Type/Quality (img2):

On the Paper Tab:

  1. Select the Paper Type you are using.
    If its only a thicker A4 paper you can leave it on 'Automatic'.img1
  2. Choose the Quality you want. img2
    The better the quality is the more ink your printer uses.
    Therefore don't choose a 'High Quality' option if your paper is not thick enough because the paper will not absorb the ink and you'll have a mess.
    For example I used a 120gr paper and chose 'Automatic' quality and the result was good.
    If you're using high quality photo paper you can choose the 'High Quality' option. 
  3. On the Color option I use 'Color Smart'. img3

These are the preset printing options I changed and I got really good results. Let me know how it worked for you and share with me your insights :-) so we can all learn from it and get better results.

  1. Print your first card using an A4 sized paper - According to the Standard Printing Instructions
  2. Put the paper back into your printer's tray so the graphics are facing down and away from the printer .
    If you are using an inkjet printer let the ink dry first. Here is a screenshot:
  3. Print your second card - According to the Standard Printing Instructions
  4. Cut the paper in the middle

Printing on an A5 Sized paper

  1. Open the card pdf file with Adobe Acrobat Reader
  2. Go to File > Page Setup... (img1)
  3. Change the 'Orientation' to Landscape. (img2)
  4. Press the OK button
  5. Go to File > Print...
  6. Make sure you select Page Scaling > None. (img3)
  7. Make sure the Auto-Rotate and center is NOT Checked.  (img4)
  8. Click the Print Button

I tried this and it worked well. With time I'll try different paper sizes and let you know how it worked. Please share with me/us your experience so we can all benefit from it.

If you have a card size you think is more useful and practical please let me know - maybe I will generate the cards so you can download them in different sizes.

Happy Printing!!!