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You will download 2 pdf files. First one contains: Valentine's Day Gift Tags,Note Cards,Bookmarks. The second one contains the Valentine's Day Envelopes.
The pdf file is a little bit large so please be patient when downloading :)


Download Printable Valentine's Day Gift Tags, Note Cards and Bookmarks Here

Download Printable Valentine's Day Envelopes Here

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Download Printable Calendar 2015 01 Here

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Download Valentine's Day Bookmarks,Gift Tags and Note Cards Here

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Download Mother's Day Envelopes Pdf File Here

Download Mother's Day Gift Tags Pdf File Here

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Please read the envelopes' printing instructions for better results.
You can also download the pdf printing instruction file here.

Everything I write about here I tried at home on my hp printer.
Of course there are small differences between printers' options but most of the options
I use here are related to Adobe Acrobat Reader options so there shouldn't be any problems.

You can understand that the printing results are up to your printer's abilities.
But I can assure you my printer is a simple inkjet home printer and the results I get are wonderful.

If you tried to print one of my envelopes according to my instructions and you didn't get good results or you have a question or you just want to comment please let me know and I will do my best to help you.

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